The US Republic

US Liberty     This is an introduction to my blog, The US Republic that I wish to dedicate to the American people and to our friends across the world. I have always wanted to express my appreciation, admiration, value and regard for our cultural way of life and freedoms.  Instead of having most of my information and found research inside of a file, saved pieces of clipped articles, jotted down comments and or ideas, this blog will serve as a place to hold them all.  Another great feature will be greetings and special visits from and to mainstream guests from across many cities both at home and abroad.  This provides an avenue for the average person to provide their own experiences, stories, and or ideas that by the power of their own voice help bring awareness that may help improve our US Republic.
       I wish to take the opportunity here in this first segment to define the word, Republic. A republic is a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of its citizens who are entitled to vote for representatives chosen by them, and not appointed by other outside interests. People and their special needs help forge and shape a healthy society and not just business or market forces. If we allow market forces, governments and business as the only ones to shape it, this could mean the end of civilization as we now know it. We have been very lucky to be one of the youngest Nations with a very unique form of government that protects its people. Our formed Constitution inspired and created by those who founded this Nation knew by personal experience the value that is Liberty. The freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the freedom to enterprise is granted to us at birth. The only restrictions are those that the individual may place on himself by lack of belief in his abilities.

     The words, We the People, are the section of our Constitution that places the constraints on government in taking away our basic rights. In today’s international climate it will be up to us to stand up to the forces that may wish to dismantle those constraints. So, with this definition we could also say that this is also the people’s blog for it wishes to preserve the rights, freedoms and the true beauty that is us and our US Republic. Together with others in the international economic world and their citizens we could trade while at the same time respecting our boundaries, freedoms and rules of law. In a sense, traveling, doing business, sharing ideas while still preserving our identities. In this manner our Us Republic could still be able to remain the beacon of light and freedom that helped inspire the rest of the world.


2 responses to “The US Republic

  1. Congrats on your new blog.

    In theory we have a democratically-elected, representative, constitutionally-limited republic.

    However, through legalized bribery, known as “campaign contributions”, corporate power has subverted both democracy and the Constitution. What we actually have now is rule by the combination of corporate and government power … otherwise known as fascism.

    What makes it completely obvious that corporations control the democratic process, those elected, and the passage of laws that violate the Constitution?

    Corporations claim that, because of trade secrets, citizens have no right to know the details of the software in the voting machines that records and counts the votes in elections. This allows elections to be rigged with impunity … and they have been.

    And then there are “trade” treaties that allow corporations to overturn U.S. laws and court decisions and be compensated by tax payers for their loss of revenue due to those laws and court decisions.

    The US is no longer the “beacon of light and freedom” it once was.

  2. Congratulations for the new blog
    As a german I wish to learn more about your cultural way of life and freedoms, which is a thing very interesting for me
    keep up your good work
    I will be a regular reader of your blog

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