The US to have Travel laws like Cuba.

The Dept. of Homeland and not Fatherland Security of former Nazi Germany, is suggesting travel laws in which Americans will have to request a permission type of document for Airline traveling. Here is the link, 

Just when we thought we were safe from more bureaucratic laws and regulations, one more is created as icing on a cake. What is all this leading our Nation into as time goes  forward?  And, Who monitors the monitors? Aliens?  or the American People, and if so without our Freedom how could we do that? Lets have some debate on this issue, please Signor Homeland. The article  link was provided by Mr. Franchi of


The U.N.’s Law of the Sea Treaty.

     Correct me if I am wrong, but did we all fall off a truck like Stupid? Why is the media not even mentioning the coming vote by our Congress in the United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty? How could we continue to be a healthy Republic when there is no true disclosure to the American people about key issues that affect their independence,  future properity, and costs of entanglements with other governing bodies around the world? What is this Law of the Sea Treaty anyway? It seems that we will never get a direct answer from our so call US media or fictional freedom of the Press. We have to by chance in between working our 2 or 3 jobs get a small sound bite by some Patriot still holding to our values to provide the answers or information to us. This 202 pages long Treaty (of course not voted by us or We The People), turns over Oceanic resources (oil, gas, and minerals etc.) to the U.N. and the main original creators of this Treaty were central or one World pro-government types after WWII. So, as our working brothers and sisters from our inner cities would say, “So what up with that.?” Well, this means more money for us to pay via global taxes and other costly restrictions.  This will also create a global tax on American Corporations discouraging them to stay here, and leave perhaps permanently for cheaper labor markets.  Then  what do we have left, global socialism?  Did socialism truly work and if so, did it lead to communism?  Was that system successful and productive to the People and the Society in general?  Where the rulers of such a system abusive to the People?

     The main issue with these treaties is that they are incrementally taking away our US Sovereignty. What is sovereignty?  The principle that the state exercizes absolute power over its territory, system of government, and its population. The authority of the state supercedes that of all other bodies to include burdersome bureacracies. The Law of the Sea Treaty contains provisions that seem to go with redistribution of wealth with underdeveloped countries. We in the United States already have many people in need and taking the burden from existing fees and taxes like the 5 billion already given to the UN yearly.  Even at the moment the UN is undergoing a huge reconstruction project costing us billions. Do we also need to give away our Land, resources and rule of Law?  This treaty will be the greatest give away of our Sovereignty and independence down the road since the giving away of the Panama Canal during the Jimmy Carter Presidency.  What is the end game or what is this all leading to? These are questions we should ask ourselves and those “representing us” in our Congress. 

     The trojan horse brought to us with this treaty is that it will end up not just restricting our ocean floors but our dry land as well via the Ocean Pollution regulations. This will eventually influence the ability of how America does business on its Land with the “pollution” pretext regulations. We already have so many new regulations and Laws taking away our Freedoms and independence specially during this past year to last a lifetime.  So, please ask yourself, Why has the Bush administration expressed interest in joining he International Seabed Authority, and urged our Congress to ratify it without proper disclosure to you, the American People?

The US Republic

US Liberty     This is an introduction to my blog, The US Republic that I wish to dedicate to the American people and to our friends across the world. I have always wanted to express my appreciation, admiration, value and regard for our cultural way of life and freedoms.  Instead of having most of my information and found research inside of a file, saved pieces of clipped articles, jotted down comments and or ideas, this blog will serve as a place to hold them all.  Another great feature will be greetings and special visits from and to mainstream guests from across many cities both at home and abroad.  This provides an avenue for the average person to provide their own experiences, stories, and or ideas that by the power of their own voice help bring awareness that may help improve our US Republic.
       I wish to take the opportunity here in this first segment to define the word, Republic. A republic is a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of its citizens who are entitled to vote for representatives chosen by them, and not appointed by other outside interests. People and their special needs help forge and shape a healthy society and not just business or market forces. If we allow market forces, governments and business as the only ones to shape it, this could mean the end of civilization as we now know it. We have been very lucky to be one of the youngest Nations with a very unique form of government that protects its people. Our formed Constitution inspired and created by those who founded this Nation knew by personal experience the value that is Liberty. The freedom of speech, freedom of the press and the freedom to enterprise is granted to us at birth. The only restrictions are those that the individual may place on himself by lack of belief in his abilities.

     The words, We the People, are the section of our Constitution that places the constraints on government in taking away our basic rights. In today’s international climate it will be up to us to stand up to the forces that may wish to dismantle those constraints. So, with this definition we could also say that this is also the people’s blog for it wishes to preserve the rights, freedoms and the true beauty that is us and our US Republic. Together with others in the international economic world and their citizens we could trade while at the same time respecting our boundaries, freedoms and rules of law. In a sense, traveling, doing business, sharing ideas while still preserving our identities. In this manner our Us Republic could still be able to remain the beacon of light and freedom that helped inspire the rest of the world.