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Face the Nation or the Corporation


        Face the Nation or the Corporation 

Last Sunday on our mainstream CBS program, Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer; we once again hear War sound bites for Iran.  This time in an interview with Presidential candidate John McCain, who has been a strong supporter of the failed massive immigration bill along with Sen. John Kennedy?   It certainly seems that way, and many concerned citizens and researchers were aware the failed attempt was a key element necessary for the centralization of government that mainly creates profits for special interests via a North American Union. This called conveniently a partnership for prosperity, but just like in Europe which it was called initially a ‘Common Market” did later create a European Union costing individual Nations plenty of money, loss of sovereignty and loss of Freedoms. A merger or the more benevolent key word employed “security prosperity partnership” will incrementally do away with our Constitutional Republic and government of checks and balances. The American Tax payer, down the road ends up becoming like a “production unit to the State” instead of human beings with loving families, friends, and at birth natural constraints on the government’s potential abuse of power. War is the perfect pretext to create a chaos since the immigration bill failed to finally transform our current system of government which is for the People, by the People and of the People and not of bureaucratic bodies or banks. 

        In a prior broadcast dated September 30th,  again in Face the Nation, Schieffer interviewed a representative from the American Enterprise Institute. He had the usual friendly trusting smile, and another guest Pletka a female with a soft kind look but well pressed stiff business suit with the very familiar Iran possible intervention “sound bite” talk.  I wondered, Who is the savvy looking but crisp suited person representing this benevolent sounding Institute?  I checked and found that the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) in wikipedia was defined as a conservative think tank founded in 1943.  Well, that seemed ok and some good stuff did take place there, however in sourcewatch.org I found that it rents office space to the Project for the New America century or PNAC. PNAC is one of the leading voices that pushed the Bush Administration’s plan for “regime change” through war in Iraq. AEI representatives have denied many times that the war has anything to do with oil. Then during the TV program commercial I noticed that almost all were sponsored by Exxon Mobil but most disturbing is that studies from sourcewatch.org revealed that the head of the AEI board at one time was an Exxon Mobil executive. So, instead of this Sunday family time program being called Face the Nation, it should more appropriately be called Face the Corporation. This is one of the many problems that we are having with filtered media, and a warning that was given to us by former General and now deceased four Star Gen. Thomas S. Power, that we need true freedom of the Press. In order for us to have a healthy Republic, true ethical values and a sound economy the people need transparency and true dialogue with issues affecting the Nation and not a one sided conversation or media delivery system that serves mainly special interests. Many of us who love business enjoy prosperity but not at the expense of our Republic, the people and society in general. We need to be aware of those cheerleading for drastic changes.  It is no surprise that in the Zogby/Reuters poll only 11% of Americans approve of congress and 24 % of our President, specially since we know the days of trusting our Representatives to look after us and our Republic are over. Most of us working 2 or 3 jobs have not yet become totally deaf, dumb nor blind to those getting paid Big bucks and huge beneficts to lead us.  Rest assure that as the ink dries during this writing the same group will be at it again, filtering the airwaves creating smokes and mirrors while our Republic gets dismantled to the Profit masters.  Circulating debt, centralizations for special interests and war sound bites instead of wealth and ethics will get us on a  path with no growth or direction. Instead of human beings we may end up becoming like hamsters in a cage just going around in circles working to pay up the never ending debt until we may collapse from exhaustion as a civilization.

Hamster in wheel cage