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The Perfect Storm

In the popular movie, “The Perfect Storm” starring George Clooney, we have seafarer’s (experienced fishermen) struggling to reach a safe harbor during a storm.  Those leading decided to ride out the storm regardless of severity for it became more important to go on with their projected goal and  monetary gain. Regardless of how confident and experienced the main crew miscalculated other variables that added to the force of that one storm at Sea. In the end the entire ship sinks for two other storms had formed from two other directions resulting in 3 raging weather fronts. No rescue mission could had helped for the forces came in at the same time and in all directions completely crushing the ship to pieces and killing everyone on board. A similar situation is happening to our Nation.

     Today we are facing social, economic and political circumstances coming at us from different angles that are incrementally dismantling our Constitutional Republic. Which tools have been used to accomplish this one perfect storm?  There are many to include filtered deceptive media, organizations such as the CFR-Trilateral Commission- Foundations, debt generating private banking system, political planted elected officials, economic and educational recruited organizations to name a few among others. Just like the overconfident or super optimistic fishermen, the American People are in complete denial and not paying attention at the perfect storm coming our way which threatens to do away with our sovereignty, freedoms, wealth, land, political system and family structure.

     Our public is being bombarded daily with subliminal or verbal messages delivered with highly precise and effective mind altering self-concept pyschological methods. We hear planted messages sound bites from all kinds of popular stylish media plasma TV’s, search engines and special television programming.  In Geico commercials we look like Apes, on yahoo delivered news we are shorter and shrinking compared to our Europeans counterparts, men need lots of Viagra (since when? big Corp profits? Maybe men can forget we have a War perhaps? American men no longer have self-confidence and need a pill? ), Why do you think we have so many pharmaceuticals coming into our drinking water? and we seem to need voting machines (Who did your voting machine vote for?) What happened to pens and pencils?  What we truly have is a dummying down of America and the American people need to wake-up and start participating in the political process and start caring for their lives and Society.  98% dream in their thoughts for a better job, healthier society, more honest economic and political system, better health and pay, productive families, and safe neighborhoods. So, let’s take action and make it happen today for just 1% of the population cannot do it for you. Get off the couch and denial and help out. Your children, friends, soldiers, neighbors, and Nation Need You. It’s not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, message left to us by our former President John F. Kennedy. Who owns the Media? perhaps we are better off just turning off our televisions and be very careful and be more selective as what we allow ourselves to view.  Just count how many pharmaceutical or pill medication commercials you get on each commercial break or intermission. Can we produce something better than just medications? Let’s save this Nation regardless of political affiliations and forge a better life for us and our neighbors around the world. Start today! Tomorrow may be too late.