America Sink or Swim

                                 I had the chance to attend an online financial seminar presented by Patrick Wood of augustreview and a power point presentation by in addition to going over some other research and found that regardless of media-hype we still have the power to change our future and swim out of turbulent financial waters. For those of you like so many of us pressing for time I will let you know right off to not be so quick in getting rid of your dollars, support other US entrepreneurs, and educate yourself each day  even if 10minutes a day with our Free trade and banking system.       
Most of our economic problems are stemming from a faulty banking system (taking us for a ride with inflations, deflations, fiat money printing press and one that is undermining true real production and wealth) and non fair “free Trade” agreement situations. As usual we have government officials who are supposed to be representative of the People but not when they signed us into the World Trade Organization (WTO) year 1994 without debate which down the road allows the other 150 members to have jurisdiction over US Laws and trade business policies. Free trade is just an effective key word and it has nothing to do with trade but with the transfer of the factors of production, labor and Capital. Later these very same products that were made by our corporations return to us as imports then benefiting everyone else but Americans in our GDP.  In the end we truly subsidize the off shoring with our devalued dollar, loss of jobs, production, and other environmental costs to our land.  California is receiving the cloud of pollution from China yet at a 40% disadvantage in both trade and other side effects. I encourage every single person to join for this organization is addressing these concerns and many others that we have discussed affecting our lives in general, our economy and sovereignty.
All of us should discuss, debate and study more our Trade and banking. A great resolution for many to have presented at their election Caucus and State would have been to start teaching banking and true wealth creation at the First or second grade level in Elementary School. The current lack of education to the American people in these areas is no surprise since much prey on ignorance and in deception even since our revolutionary war and independence from England. We won the war physically but then on paper and with legislations misinterpretations we are being had.  If we continue down this path instead of having Nations around the world we will end up with just banks forming the rules and directing Society. We The People are the Constraint on the government, banks and other entities from abusing their power for after all we are human beings, brothers, sisters,  mothers, fathers, and individuals and not just production units and or Capital of production for a future communist type of Society. For in the end that system has the people also becoming capital to produce for the State and then we are no longer free and part of the reason we will gradually be losing our freedoms.  Above is more information on types of government so please view this film when you have time. Other reading material is from economist Joseph Stiglits and also Michael Chossudovsky’s book, The Globalisation of Poverty.
  Please show that you value being the Land of The Free and the brave and a Nation with Rule of Law, Constitutional principles and checks and balances. This is not just for ourselves but for the rest of the world that has valued our freedoms, refuge and fairness.

“If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation, and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power of money should be taken from banks and restored to Congress and the people to whom it belongs. I sincerely believe the banking institutions having the issuing power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Understanding “Free Trade” is not Free

Article written by Bob Powel

Note: Visit page for better view,  we all need to learn more about the so labeled “Free Trade” for most of our problems are originating from these inimical trade policies and our current faulty banking system. T.N.

Source: Continuous Improvement Associates

Liberal Moments(SM)
#23. ‘Free Trade’ and the Environment
By Bob Powell, 2/28/08
Here is this Liberal Moment (SM) Handout in pdf and doc formats that include many links to the information presented.Understanding “trade” 1. It’s not “trade”; it’s “transfer of the factors of production”: labor & capital. 2. Corporations build products over there so they don’t build them over here at a labor cost that can support an American mortgage payment.3. It’s “reverse protectionism” because US policies subsidize offshoring. Stopping “reverse protectionism” is not protectionism!4. It’s not about “protectionism.” US “free trade” agreements have 100s of pages to protect intellectual property & private capital, not environment & labor.

How the U.S. Subsidizes Offshoring of Jobs

  • Corporations can defer paying taxes on income from foreign subsidiaries … indefinitely. Congress also gives them “tax holidays”.
  • Tax loopholes such as moving headquarters to a tax haven.
    Allowing R&D and other investment tax credits for companies that move manufacturing off shore … the U.S. doesn’t fully benefit.
  • Corporations engage in flawed transfer pricing schemes to avoid U.S. taxes, i.e.: sell components to foreign subsidiary at very low profit, and buy back product after manufacture with a very high foreign markup & profit.
  • Not including labor & environmental standards in trade pacts is a subsidy. The costs of environmental degradation and injuries to workers are externalized onto the public at large. Without standards, democracy is undermined: individuals don’t value & “purchase” clean environment & workplace safety, governments do; if a government isn’t a democracy, it doesn’t represent the interests of its citizens.
  • Corporations are allowed to write-off the costs of shutting down a U.S. factory when it transfers the work to a factory offshore.
  • Corporations are allowed to write-off the costs of bringing foreign employees to train in the U.S., requiring its U.S. employees, as their last duties before being fired, to train the foreign replacements to do their jobs.
Exploding US “trade” deficit
US “trade” deficit with China

Environmental and Other Effects of Offshoring to China:

CO2 Emissions per dollar of output significantly higher in China and India where corporations are sending jobs

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The Perfect Storm

In the popular movie, “The Perfect Storm” starring George Clooney, we have seafarer’s (experienced fishermen) struggling to reach a safe harbor during a storm.  Those leading decided to ride out the storm regardless of severity for it became more important to go on with their projected goal and  monetary gain. Regardless of how confident and experienced the main crew miscalculated other variables that added to the force of that one storm at Sea. In the end the entire ship sinks for two other storms had formed from two other directions resulting in 3 raging weather fronts. No rescue mission could had helped for the forces came in at the same time and in all directions completely crushing the ship to pieces and killing everyone on board. A similar situation is happening to our Nation.

     Today we are facing social, economic and political circumstances coming at us from different angles that are incrementally dismantling our Constitutional Republic. Which tools have been used to accomplish this one perfect storm?  There are many to include filtered deceptive media, organizations such as the CFR-Trilateral Commission- Foundations, debt generating private banking system, political planted elected officials, economic and educational recruited organizations to name a few among others. Just like the overconfident or super optimistic fishermen, the American People are in complete denial and not paying attention at the perfect storm coming our way which threatens to do away with our sovereignty, freedoms, wealth, land, political system and family structure.

     Our public is being bombarded daily with subliminal or verbal messages delivered with highly precise and effective mind altering self-concept pyschological methods. We hear planted messages sound bites from all kinds of popular stylish media plasma TV’s, search engines and special television programming.  In Geico commercials we look like Apes, on yahoo delivered news we are shorter and shrinking compared to our Europeans counterparts, men need lots of Viagra (since when? big Corp profits? Maybe men can forget we have a War perhaps? American men no longer have self-confidence and need a pill? ), Why do you think we have so many pharmaceuticals coming into our drinking water? and we seem to need voting machines (Who did your voting machine vote for?) What happened to pens and pencils?  What we truly have is a dummying down of America and the American people need to wake-up and start participating in the political process and start caring for their lives and Society.  98% dream in their thoughts for a better job, healthier society, more honest economic and political system, better health and pay, productive families, and safe neighborhoods. So, let’s take action and make it happen today for just 1% of the population cannot do it for you. Get off the couch and denial and help out. Your children, friends, soldiers, neighbors, and Nation Need You. It’s not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, message left to us by our former President John F. Kennedy. Who owns the Media? perhaps we are better off just turning off our televisions and be very careful and be more selective as what we allow ourselves to view.  Just count how many pharmaceutical or pill medication commercials you get on each commercial break or intermission. Can we produce something better than just medications? Let’s save this Nation regardless of political affiliations and forge a better life for us and our neighbors around the world. Start today! Tomorrow may be too late.

Banking 102, Freedom from Hamster Cage.

     We The People have the power to transform our World.  As a Society and with our local communities we must take Responsibility and educate ourselves in order to make positive changes and decisions. Instead of circulating debt and uncertainty we have the power to re-create the current system which seems to be feeding a dysfunctional wealth depleting Model almost acting like a Tapeworm which ends up dismantling communities instead of building healthy ones. Take the first step by watching this interesting google video titled, “How to Navigate the Falling Dollar” by Catherine Austin Fitts. Then again you may choose to just go back to sleep while our family and friends continue to die and fight the never ending Wars.

Face the Nation or the Corporation


        Face the Nation or the Corporation 

Last Sunday on our mainstream CBS program, Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer; we once again hear War sound bites for Iran.  This time in an interview with Presidential candidate John McCain, who has been a strong supporter of the failed massive immigration bill along with Sen. John Kennedy?   It certainly seems that way, and many concerned citizens and researchers were aware the failed attempt was a key element necessary for the centralization of government that mainly creates profits for special interests via a North American Union. This called conveniently a partnership for prosperity, but just like in Europe which it was called initially a ‘Common Market” did later create a European Union costing individual Nations plenty of money, loss of sovereignty and loss of Freedoms. A merger or the more benevolent key word employed “security prosperity partnership” will incrementally do away with our Constitutional Republic and government of checks and balances. The American Tax payer, down the road ends up becoming like a “production unit to the State” instead of human beings with loving families, friends, and at birth natural constraints on the government’s potential abuse of power. War is the perfect pretext to create a chaos since the immigration bill failed to finally transform our current system of government which is for the People, by the People and of the People and not of bureaucratic bodies or banks. 

        In a prior broadcast dated September 30th,  again in Face the Nation, Schieffer interviewed a representative from the American Enterprise Institute. He had the usual friendly trusting smile, and another guest Pletka a female with a soft kind look but well pressed stiff business suit with the very familiar Iran possible intervention “sound bite” talk.  I wondered, Who is the savvy looking but crisp suited person representing this benevolent sounding Institute?  I checked and found that the AEI (American Enterprise Institute) in wikipedia was defined as a conservative think tank founded in 1943.  Well, that seemed ok and some good stuff did take place there, however in I found that it rents office space to the Project for the New America century or PNAC. PNAC is one of the leading voices that pushed the Bush Administration’s plan for “regime change” through war in Iraq. AEI representatives have denied many times that the war has anything to do with oil. Then during the TV program commercial I noticed that almost all were sponsored by Exxon Mobil but most disturbing is that studies from revealed that the head of the AEI board at one time was an Exxon Mobil executive. So, instead of this Sunday family time program being called Face the Nation, it should more appropriately be called Face the Corporation. This is one of the many problems that we are having with filtered media, and a warning that was given to us by former General and now deceased four Star Gen. Thomas S. Power, that we need true freedom of the Press. In order for us to have a healthy Republic, true ethical values and a sound economy the people need transparency and true dialogue with issues affecting the Nation and not a one sided conversation or media delivery system that serves mainly special interests. Many of us who love business enjoy prosperity but not at the expense of our Republic, the people and society in general. We need to be aware of those cheerleading for drastic changes.  It is no surprise that in the Zogby/Reuters poll only 11% of Americans approve of congress and 24 % of our President, specially since we know the days of trusting our Representatives to look after us and our Republic are over. Most of us working 2 or 3 jobs have not yet become totally deaf, dumb nor blind to those getting paid Big bucks and huge beneficts to lead us.  Rest assure that as the ink dries during this writing the same group will be at it again, filtering the airwaves creating smokes and mirrors while our Republic gets dismantled to the Profit masters.  Circulating debt, centralizations for special interests and war sound bites instead of wealth and ethics will get us on a  path with no growth or direction. Instead of human beings we may end up becoming like hamsters in a cage just going around in circles working to pay up the never ending debt until we may collapse from exhaustion as a civilization.

Hamster in wheel cage

War, People and Banking

     A war with Iran will also become a war with the American way of life since the minute that country decides to even knock a tree down Martial Law may be imposed on us. How you may ask? Well, very simply with all the executive orders and new legislations that have been recently created under this administration. This situtation has been discussed and documented in writing by several researchers, business owners and scholars.  Most individuals are fully aware that just like in a game of Chess all the key pawns and chessboard pieces have been laid out in a certain form in order to win a certain objective. If we study many of the articles and even discussions in the CFR (Council and foreign Relations) site you could easily hear and see the sound bites for some kind of catastrophe to take place that will re-shape our sovereign nation. Even with the former governor of Massachusets Weld, and Robert Pastor and other North American Union promoters having laughter in the background that it will take some kind of disaster as the only way that Americans who are very unlike “the Europeans” to allow themselves to be easily molded or accepting of “Institutions”, to accept the NAU that has as its precursor the term

      The or the “security” and prosperity and not sure why labeled .gov since no one here has voted for such an organization to transform our way of government or of doing business to just change our system of checks and balances and forcing us into a harmonized by stealth integration with Canada, Mexico and US.  A backdoor way of creating a war with Iran will be the perfect meal ticket for the special interests and key players to have that very much desired new financial and government system for the United States and its people.

     Are wars, money and banking now more important than Nations and people? And if financial markets and ease of operation rule more how will it affect down the road society? People and their influence with special needs help shape a society and if we allow big business and governments to solely have the power to shape it then it could mean the end of civilization as we know it. The People place the constrainsts on big business and government so that it could work with them and not detrimentally taking away via taxes, inimical laws or with loss of Freedoms. Maybe we need to teach banking in the first grade at elementary schools but if we did even 7 year olds may throw mud pies at the banks. Kids are very perceptive and even more clever than many of us adults and in five minutes may figure out that perhaps our main problem is not people but the Wars and banks themselves.  Please review literature on banking history.

Just when we thought we were Safe.

Just like the phrase in the movie “Jaws” just when we thought we were safe, and maybe be able to swim back in the water, a new amendment gets created.  This one called the Kyl-Lieberman amendment passed by the US Senate that could covertly authorize war with Iran without a full dialogue or declaration of war through the Congress. It could include a group of Iranian special military as part of the global  war on terror and any pretext could be created to engage us in yet another war. This is already getting ridiculous since this so called “War on Terror” got started with 19 hijackers on September 11th who were from Saudi Arabia and not Iraq nor Iran.  If you care to voice your concern before this escalates to another Treasury draining situation please call your Representative at 202-225-3121.